Education Projects

The government provides free education under its Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) programs, but the poor still have trouble accessing quality education. Education is the only tool to eradicate poverty, so without educated young people, the communities will become poorer. Each additional year of educational attainment can reduce the risk of HIV infection and delay a woman’s first pregnancy. Educated women decide to have a skilled health worker present at their delivery 84% of the time — which translates to a higher chance of survival for mother and baby.

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As quality education is virtually inaccessible to the poor, LUYODEFO is working on developing a school to orphans and vulnerable children, while providing an affordable, quality education to the other children would initiate a profound change to the impoverished, ultimately catalyzing lasting benefit for generations to come. The school would provide access to low-cost quality education, and double as community hub for educational support services in impoverished areas; creating new opportunities for employment and literacy promotion.