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Preventable and treatable diseases present an enormous health burden for communities in the developing world; still causing immeasurable impacts on populations living in extreme poverty because they usually live in unhygienic conditions, have low-levels of health awareness, and fail to seek proper treatment. While primary healthcare is a basic human right, it is proven that a healthy population is essential for growth, development, and prosperity in every society. Improving health outcomes for all and bridging the gap in health equity requires a concerted effort among all major stakeholders. To do this effectively, LUYODEFO uses a 360-degree community engagement model that maximizes the efforts of everyone involved.

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Rwenzori region and Kasese District particularly has for many years been affected by wars, which, being compounded by HIV/AIDS and other detriments are resulting into several children who lack basic care and the basic needs. While there are several children lacking humane care, love and the basic needs, many families are unable to take-upon the new responsibilities of an additional child (be it an orphan or not), because they already lack resources to meet the basic needs of its own family members.