Help Flood Victims in Kasese

The recent worst floods on record in Kasese occurred on Labor Day, causing utter devastation and massive loss of life, livelihoods, and property, including crops and infrastructural damage. According to the Uganda Red Cross, the floods destroyed over 1,000 houses, affecting almost 25, 445 people and leaving 8 people dead in different villages.

Official detailed results from the tentative rapid assessment by the Kasese District Disaster management team are available on the Kasese District website. Thousands of people’s health and lives are at risk with a high threat of water-borne disease outbreaks, compounded by immense damage to Kilembe Mines Hospital (the only hospital in Busongoro CountyKASESE Floods), and destruction of homesteads, roads, bridges, businesses, and acres of food and cash crops. In addition to destroying hundreds of latrines, the floods also destroyed the water supply systems to Kasese Municipality and washed away the gravity flow scheme that supplies water to the various areas in the district.

Although the floodwater has receded, many people are still affected by the devastation and therefore remain in emergency camps. With your support, we can reach displaced people through:
• Radio mobilization and sensitization on water, sanitation, and hygiene practices.
• Provision of sanitary kits and menstrual hygiene education.
• Water purification tablets, water purification sachets (PUR), and portable water filters (hand pumps) to avert any risk of water-borne diseases.
• Medical camps need assorted medicine & supplies (oral antibiotics, disinfectants, pain killers, oral rehydration salts).
• Construction of the destroyed classrooms and latrines in schools.

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