We Received Support through Innovative Thinking from a Canadian Nurse!

Have you ever thought about how your skills could help serve and save a life by giving to marginalized people around the world, especially at the extreme ends? Many may think it difficult or impossible that one skill could create such a difference, but one woman’s experience of raising funds for LUYODEFO’s Menstrual Hygiene Project reveals that it is possible, practical, and achievable!

Meet Nydia Khargie: a Canadian nurse working at University Health Network, who discovered our organization and our Menstrual Hygiene Project on Nabuur. Her simple idea of creating a cookbook to help us with our efforts has provided reusable menstrual pads and menstrual health and hygiene education for over 150 school girls in rural Uganda.

Nydia’s work with us is very unique, but we hope it inspires others to consider how they can help their brothers and sisters across the world. We know Nydia is busy working as a medic with a very fixed schedule. She didn’t have time to spare, so she made time as a way to give back to marginalized people. She and Simone were inspired by our pilot project on inexpensive social marketing and the distribution of Afri-pads’ menstrual kits because of the cost savings and logistical simplicity (once annual purchase due to a one-year product lifespan) and the environmental benefits (no waste generation). We are very thankful they have become part of our organization to promote the shift from disposable pads to reusable pads.

We have been buying pads directly from Afripads Uganda Limited, a business enterprise making pads locally in Uganda, and distributing them to rural schoolgirls and women. The offer for subsidized purchases expired, so now costs are prohibitively expensive (one menstrual kit = $4.40 without shipping/transport) and we do not yet have a steady funding source. We are considering the idea of teaching local women how to make the pads, but we require funding for trainings, materials, and auxiliary activities, like provision of underpants (knickers), soap, etc. All of these elements require us to join hands and hold them strong! We are creating fundraising campaigns, but without your support, we can’t reach our goal. Click here to check our progress and to donate. Every little bit helps — please take the lead and share with your friends, just as Nydia has done. Thank you!

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